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At Buck ’Em all Dummies, we passionately work to bring you a state of the art product.  Our dummies are vigorously tested over time so we can provide the best bucking experience for you and your stock. Working equipment allows you to more efficiently exercise your bulls, yearlings, cows, and horses. At Buck ‘Em All Dummies we consider the safety of your stock a top priority. Our dummy’s ergonomic design keeps it in place in the middle of your animal’s back as it kicks, twists, spins, and turns, making it one of the safest on the market for your stock.

Buck’em all Dummies has designed three models with different weights for your bucking needs. Our dummies will fit on any size animal and again will remain in the middle until you wish to eject the machine.

The 24lb. dummy is 6"x 8"x 4.5" and is made of steel. This dummy is best used on older bulls and horses.

The 15lb. dummy is the most popular. Its dimensions are 6”x 6”x5.5” and it is also made of steel. This dummy is the most versatile and can be used on older bulls, yearlings, and horses.

The 10 lb. dummy is 6”x 6”x5.5” and is made of aluminum. This dummy is best used on weanlings, yearlings, and young horses.

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